An Evening in Málaga

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My trip to Málaga was unplanned. It actually ended up being on my itinerary because it was cheaper to fly in and out of in comparison to Madrid. Plus, it would have taken me about the same amount of time via train to reach Sevilla from Málaga as it would from Madrid.

When I returned to Málaga after having completed my Spain trip, I had no expectations or plans for the town. This is not to say that it wasn’t interesting enough but rather, I had enjoyed all the other places so much that it would have been fine even if I did nothing at all.

But that’s not really me, is it? In the few hours that I had before turning in, I decided to get some exploring done and I was pleasantly surprised by what a lovely place Málaga was!

I began by joining a free walking tour from my hostel which fortunately I was able to make. On route, I learnt about the town’s rich history and saw many landmarks.

In Plaza de la Merced. The faint purple flowers are from the Jacaranda trees common in Andalucía.

El Biznaguero (Jasmine Seller) with the Alcazaba to the right. I didn’t have enough time to visit it but the view is supposed to be beautiful from up there.

The Cathedral of Málaga.

After the tour, I relaxed back at the hostel for a bit before going out for dinner. I cannot remember where I ate but I did drop by the famous El Pimpi later on. Following some tapas and a look around, I think I can safely say that although it was quite lively and had nice decor, it would be too touristy to visit regularly.

Fun fact: Antonio Banderas is from Málaga and he’s famous in the city.

I then headed out for a paseo or evening stroll. Being right by the coast, the weather was perfect.

Peeking down Calle Molina Lario.

Calle Larios is the main shopping street in Málaga and I loved the ambience. 

I ended the night by the port where people were walking around and enjoying the cool breeze. It was a great way to end my trip to Spain, thinking of all the adventures I could not believe I had just had.



  1. Málaga is a lovely city. Did you notice the unfinished tower of the cathedral? You can read on my blog if you want so! Congratulations for the post!

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