The Patios of Córdoba

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Happy Spring, everyone! The grass is finally green, the sky is blue and there are flowers out. It’s such a lovely time of the year and if there is one place I’ve been to in Spain that celebrates this season beautifully, it’s the small town of Córdoba.

Córdoba is known for its rich Islamic history and exceptionally hot summers which is how we ended up with the tradition of almost every home having an internal courtyard or patio. La Feista de Los Patios began in the early 1900’s and gave a new meaning to these spaces by creating an annual competition during May. Residents decorate their patios with plants and once the contest starts, open their doors to the public. Some families have been participating—and often winning—for decades!

All you have to do is grab a map and it shows you the hours of visitation and the places in the various neighbourhoods that are taking part. Plus, each site is marked by two small trees making it easy to find.

Since the event is free, you can see as many patios as you like. It is nice though to say a few kind words or leave some coins to show appreciation.

Most patios are in homes but there are also low-rise buildings and religious institutions that enter. Despite there being over 50 patios last spring, I loved seeing many of them because there is so much variety and each stands out for a different reason.

For example, the burst of blue.

The fountains.

Especially the small quirky ones.

The thoughtful arrangements.

Sometimes, just the sheer number of flower pots.

Or, the size of the patio itself.

Maybe even the island vibes.

Amazing, right? There are also additional spring festivals in Córdoba both before and after Los Patios so if you are in town for long enough, you could enjoy more than one!

A shout-out to Young Adventuress as her blog was where I first heard about Los Patios.


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