Seeing the Alhambra (Part II)

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Leaving the Nasrid palaces, I wandered shortly around El Partal before heading to the Generalife.

Walking over to the Palacio de Generalife, I realized it was a significant enough distance from the Alhambra to be completely removed from anything that went on there. This was, of course, the point anyway since it was built in the 13th century as a sort of getaway for the royals.

Although the Generalife is not nearly as well-preserved or grand as the Alhambra, I loved it; especially for its gardens. It is hard to know to what extent the gardens today reflect those of the emirs but the sound of water running through the fountains and the smell of flowers at every corner must be the same.

I sat here with one leg thrown over the side for quite some time just taking in the beauty of everything around me. I then left the Generalife and began heading back the way I came.

Exiting through this door, I roamed around the castle walls which used to make up the fortress, or the Alcazaba, of the Alhambra. They also provided some more magnificent views of historic Granada.

With one last look at the Sierra Nevada, I returned to my hostel and happily relaxed for the rest of the day because after seeing the Alhambra, there is not much space left in your mind to think about anyplace else.


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